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Part 2 Jason is one of the variations of Jason Voorhees featured in Friday the 13th: The Game, and numerically the first Jason. This Jason is modeled after his appearance in Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981), the debut of him as the main character in the series. He can be unlocked at Level 13.

History (Friday the 13th Part 2)[]


Two months later, he took his mother's severed head with him while tracking down Alice to her current residence; he found her in the Crystal Lake town where she had been staying to recover from Pamela's massacre. After infiltrating Alice's apartment, he placed Pamela's head inside the refrigerator to frighten her before he murdered her by piercing an ice pick into her temple. He then escaped with Alice's murdered body off-screen just before the police had arrived. Afterward, Camp Crystal Lake itself had been condemned as well as off-limits to anyone.

Five years later during the summer of 1984, Jason discovered the location of a nearby counselor training camp hosted by Paul Holt at Packanack Lodge in the Crystal Lake area. On top of this, he also discovers the new counselor group there: Sandra, her boyfriend Jeff, Scott, Terry, wheel-chair bound Mark, Vickie, Ted, and Paul's assistant Ginny (who is a majored child psychologist) as well as numerous unnamed trainees. After their arrival late that night, Paul told the story of the Voorhees family to the counselors, but after a masked Ted scared them with a spear, he ensured them Jason is an urban legend as well as reminding the group that Camp Crystal Lake is off-limits. Unbeknownst to them, a disturbed man named Crazy Ralph, who warned people in the town about the lake having a "death curse", bicycled his way onto the property. He spied on Paul and Ginny kissing, but Jason garroted him behind a tree with barbed wire; he eventually hid Ralph's corpse in a pantry.

The next day, Jason roamed around the area until the town's sheriff noticed him sprinting across the road, and the latter took chase. After discovering the shack, the sheriff entered inside only to discover the shrine in horror. At that moment Jason sneaked behind him, and slammed a clawed hammer into the back of the sheriff's head. This gave Jason the opportunity to finally murder the counselors staying back at the camp while Ginny, Paul, Ted, and the trainees went back to town for the night.

He began by capturing Scott in a snare trap he had prepared, then slit his throat with a panga machete. After murdering Terry off-screen, he slammed his machete it into Mark's face before he pushed his wheelchair-prone body down a flight of stairs. Inside, he took a spear (the exact one that Ted used to scare everyone at the campfire), then impaled Jeff and Sandra who were having sex in their bed. As Jason took a kitchen knife, he noticed Vicky had returned to the lodge looking for Mark, but when she traveled upstairs Jason attacked her by slashing at her to corner her against the wall, before ultimately stabbing her. As he hid the bodies elsewhere, he took Terry's body back to the shrine.

Ginny and Paul later returned; they discovered the lodge's lights were powered off. To their horror, they eventually found blood on the sheets from Jeff and Sandra's dead bodies. Taking advantage of the dark, Jason ambushed Paul, and rendered him unconscious during the struggle. Taking a pitchfork, he hunted down Ginny while trying to murder her inside, but she escaped from the lodge. Refusing to let his prey escape, Jason continued to chase her around the camp.

During the pursuit, Ginny hid underneath a bed; a nearby rat spooked her into almost revealing her location when Jason looked around the room. Unfortunately for Ginny, the rat began urinating, the sound of which caught Jason's attention. When Ginny looked around the room from underneath the bed, she started climbing out from underneath the bed only to scream when she saw Jason standing on a chair with his pitchfork raised to strike her. To Jason's misfortune, the chair broke from his weight, and upon falling it broke his pitchfork in two from the impact. Ginny took advantage of the situation by grabbing out a chainsaw, and activated it to slash at Jason's forearm. He cowered in fear after taking the blow, prompting Ginny to drop the chainsaw in order to slam a chair onto his back.

After Jason fell unconscious, Ginny fled from the camp, and eventually found Jason's shack in the woods where a conscious Jason chased her inside. After she barricaded herself, she was horrified upon seeing the shrine containing Mrs. Voorhees' head alongside her sweater. She also found the bodies of the sheriff, Terry, and a decomposed Alice. Using her psychology skills as well as the knowledge of Jason's past when she discussed it with Paul and Ted at the bar, she put on the sweater while Jason used a nearby pickaxe to break down the barricade. Just as he broke through and stepped inside the room, Ginny used her knowledge to convince Jason she was his mother. Eventually, the ruse succeeded into making the hallucinative Jason kneel on the ground; she slowly raised the machete, used to kill his mother, above her. However, Jason then saw his mother's head on the table, and managed to repel Ginny's machete attack with his own pickaxe before resuming to attack her while enraged at Ginny's deception.

Paul, who was now conscious, managed to find Ginny in the shack, and wrestled with Jason. During the fight Jason gained the upper advantage, but before he could finish off Paul with his pickaxe, Ginny used the machete by slamming it down into his shoulder, seemingly killing him. Afterward, Ginny unmasked Jason to see what he looked like, and the two survivors made their way out of the shack.

In the end, Ginny and Paul were greeted at the door by Terry's dog Muffin, only for a revived, unmasked Jason to burst through the window behind Ginny, and grabbed her through it. The next morning, she is seen being pulled out in a stretcher while asking about Paul's now mysterious whereabouts, and the film concludes with Pamela's rotting head still remaining on the shrine as Jason is nowhere to be seen.


Part 2 Jason is unlocked at Level 13. He has many advantages suited for objective control, most importantly, his total of seven traps and enhanced Morph recharge speed. With this, he should focus on trapping both cars and the phone fuse box. More specifically, by placing traps by the hoods and gas compartments of the cars and one by the phone box, the player will still be left with two spares. Because this Jason also possesses the ability to run, he is granted extra mobility in addition to his enhanced Morph.

Part-2 Jason, however, struggles to catch up to counselors, especially if they manage to fully complete an objective. First of all, he possesses a terrible Shift, which travels and recovers slowly. Because of this, it is imperative to use his Shift wisely. Since he also possesses abysmal Water Speed, catching up to an escaping boat will be difficult, thus requiring Jason to try and ambush it instead by Morphing near the exit. Stopping a car might also require ambushing, as his low Shift speed struggles to keep up with the speeding vehicle. Finally, his low Defense not only makes it easier for counselors to stun him, it also increases significantly the risk that Part-2 Jason might be unmasked and ultimately killed. As this Jason is not well suited for combat and fewer hits are required for mask removal, players might be encouraged to spend their spare traps at the shack's entrance in order to make it harder to grab the sweater. All this considered, Part-2 Jason should always be careful during his encounters with counselors in order to avoid being knocked down or taking too much damage, especially when dealing with larger groups.

Because he possesses no weaknesses in Stalk, players should use this often as their means of catching counselors. This can make up for his poor Shift and can help Part-2 Jason capture victims. Once you have the objectives secured, it is in your best interest to kill counselors quickly, rack up lots of throwing knives and thwart repair attempts. Since Part-2 Jason is only really suited for objective control, you will have a much harder time if the counselors disarm or simply just step on your traps. Once your Rage kicks in, your Shift weakness is alleviated somewhat, making it easier to catch stragglers.

Characteristics, Appearance, and Weapons[]

Unlike in later film sequels that have been released, this Jason--portrayed as a hermit that survived off in the wilderness--remains the most "human" of the human Jasons, and was comparatively vulnerable to attacks. Though Ginny didn't necessarily perform any kind of heavy attacks on him, she did knock him to the ground with the car door when she tried to start up the car, kick him in the crotch, he fell to the ground when the chair he stood on broke due to his weight, his forearm was slashed with a chainsaw, and was followed by her smashing a chair down on his back. However, he did in fact suffer from the lethal attack of Ginny slamming down the machete into his shoulder, but he barely managed to survive from that.

In other respects, he was considerably a strong trapper from when he placed down a rope trap to ensnare Scott by his foot before Jason took him out, as well as being a strong stalker from when he prowled around the camp premises. Ultimately, he may remain as the most truthful portrayal of Jason as a normal human being without any kind of super-strength or extraordinary toughness and durability, however, he still managed to wreak plenty of bloodshed and havoc against the new counselors.

As seen in the film and in-game, Jason's appearance highlights him wearing a sack over his head to cover his deformities, with only one eye hole cut out on the left side as his right eye is deformed, with a rope tied around his neck to prevent the sack from being loose. Accompanied with this, he wears a pair of denim overalls over a button blue-plaid shirt, and black work boots.

Unmasked, Jason has long matted ginger hair on the left side, bright blue eyes, plus a faint and scruffy beard. As the right side of his face appears relatively normal, the left side shows the deformities as well as it being rather tumorous, and his teeth are crooked and yellowed. In comparison to his young original appearance in the first film (when Mrs. Voorhees is referencing his drowning, and in the nightmare sequence where a young decomposing Jason grabs Alice out of the canoe and into the water), his appearance has been altered slightly; Part 2's now-tumorous look wasn't present in the original, and his head-size is now smaller rather than bigger from the previous installment.

In the movie, Jason used an ice pick, barbed wire as a garrote, a clawed hammer, a panga machete, a spear, a kitchen knife, a pitchfork, and lastly, a pickaxe. For preference, it appeared that Jason favored mostly the spear, pitchfork, and pickaxe, as well as the panga machete initially. In-game, as well as in most portrayals of Part 2 Jason, his selected weapon is the pickaxe; sometimes outside of the game, he is seen portrayed with the pitchfork as well.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

The stats for Part 2 Jason.


  • Can Run - This Jason is capable of running, which acts as jogging. Only this Jason, Part 3 Jason, Part 4 Jason, and Part 5 Jason have the ability to run.
  • Traps - This Jason starts with 7 bear traps.
  • Morph - Faster cooldown, so he can morph more frequently than other Jasons.


  • Shift - The cooldown for this ability is longer, and can only move at a slower speed.
  • Defense - This Jason has low HP, which means he can get unmasked easier, and has a lower chance to successfully block attacks.
  • Water Speed - This Jason is very slow to move in the water.



  • Although Part 2 Jason in the film was smaller in size, this has now been corrected in-game where Part 2 Jason would have about the same size as the other Jasons; this is one of the few instances where the continuity has been fairly consistent as well as corrected in the game.
  • This was one of the three Jasons playable in the beta, the others being Part 3 Jason and Part 7 Jason.
  • This is the only Jason in-game that has Traps and Morph as strengths.
  • Originally, Part 2 Jason had Sense as a strength; this has now changed with him having Traps as a strength instead.

In the films[]

  • In terms of how Jason Voorhees survived his drowning is up to many interpretations by fans of the series. The more likely and/or logical speculation is that Jason survived by being washed up elsewhere, or possibly faking his own drowning to start a new life in the woods, but unaware of his mother's whereabouts, as a result of him being constantly bullied by the other kids at the camp.
    • According to the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash comic (which isn't considered canon in the film series) his mother Pamela Voorhees had used the Necronomicon to resurrect him from the lake; unbeknownst to her it worked, but she wouldn't find out until after her death.
  • As his debut for being the main character throughout the series, this was, in contrast, the first (as well as only) appearance of him not donning his iconic hockey mask which was introduced in Part 3. However, this is excluded if you count Jason's young appearance in the first film.
  • Although to this day this remains unconfirmed whether or not this was an inspiration, the sack that Jason uses to conceal his identity was largely similar to "The Phantom Killer" from The Town that Dreaded Sundown (1976). Unlike Jason, the Phantom Killer's sack had two eye-holes instead of the one that Jason has.
    • Jason's appearance of him wearing a sack is also very similar to the appearance of John Merrick, the main character of The Elephant Man (1980) who wore a sack over his face. According to Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th, The Elephant Man was released a year prior and was acclaimed and recognized by critics and audiences alike, so much that when Part 2 was released the following year, many of the audiences were drawing similarities to Jason's sack-wearing appearance to the character of John Merrick.
    • The death sequences of Mark, Jeff, and Sandra were largely similar to two particular death sequences in A Bay of Blood (1971), also known as Twitch of the Death Nerve, alternatively. Much like with Jason's sack, this aspect has remained unconfirmed whether or not these deaths were directly ripped off of the latter film, or it was rather a coincidence that this was placed in the film.
  • In the film, Jason Voorhees was played by two actors. While unmasked, he was played by Warrington Gillette, and when masked, he was played by Steve Daskewisz. His facial appearance was modeled by Carl Fullerton.


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