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Luck is one of the Character Statistics in Friday the 13th: The Game.


This stat is one of the more mysterious ones in the game, mainly due to the fact it has many rumors surrounding varying benefits it may, or may not, give a counselor. While the stat gives the impression of many RNG related benefits, there are only two known which are guaranteed thanks to player testings:

  • Increased weapon durability.
  • Slightly increases the amount of Stamina gained for breaking out of Jason's grab.
  • Slightly increases the amount of Stamina gained from hitting Jason with a melee weapon (the amount is very minuscule).
  • Decreases the time needed to start a repaired car or boat.

Since striking/stunning Jason gives a counselor stamina boosts, luck is indirectly tied to stamina regeneration since a counselor with high luck will be able to use a particular weapon more times than counselors with lower luck. However, you can only use a firearm once before it runs out of ammunition, so high luck counselors will favor weapons with a high stun chance (e.g. baseball bat) in order to fend Jason off more times, and since many of the best weapons in the game have low durability, this stat can prove very useful for survival.

  • Luck also makes repairing a bit easier by making the skill checks slightly bigger.

Myths Confirmed/Debunked[]

  • Luck has no bearing whatsoever on stun chance; this is decided by the weapon wielded by a counselor as well as certain perks.
  • Despite its name, the luck stat has a fixed ratio on how many times a counselor can use a particular weapon before it breaks. The higher the luck, the more hits as well as blocks they can perform. For instance, if Jenny is armed with the baseball bat, she can hit Jason at least four times with it before breaking due to her high luck of eight. At the same time, she's capable of blocking seven attacks from Jason before it breaks as well.
  • Luck doesn't affect item spawns in drawers; they are predetermined before the game starts.
  • At one point, it was believed high luck also decreased the amount of noise a counselor made when they moved around. However, with the release of the counselor Mitch, noise comparisons done between the three counselors who have stealth levels of six (Chad, Jenny, and Mitch) revealed Chad as well as Mitch made the same amount of noise regardless of their luck. Jenny, on the other hand, had better noise control despite being the middle ground of the three. As such, luck is now believed to not having any effect on noise control.
  • Luck has no affect on damage from broken windows. For example, Chad Kensington and A.J. Mason will always die from climbing through a broken window ten times (not accounting for perks that increase/decrease damage taken).


  • The counselor with the highest luck in the game is Chad Kensington.
  • There is a tie for counselors with the lowest luck in the game between A.J. Mason as well as Sheldon "Shelly" Finkelstein.
  • At the beginning, all counselors who had at least six points in luck used to get a bonus damage reduction when stepping on a bear trap; it took three bear traps instead of two for these counselors to die (provided they didn't take damage from other sources beforehand). But with the release of the Oct. 11 Patch, it was removed.

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