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Speed is one of the Character Statistics in Friday the 13th: The Game


This stat determines how fast a counselor can move overall while doing the following actions:

  • Jogging
  • Sprinting
  • Swimming

Having higher speed heightens your ability to escape Jason (especially when trying to dodge his Shift-Grab combo). All counselors are able to out-jog any Jason with the "Can't Run" weakness, and as such jogging is the recommended way to stay away from these Jasons since sprinting will burn through your stamina at a faster rate.

Any Jason with the "Can Run" strength moves at a speed of 8 (compared to a Counselor jogging speed), so the only Counselors able to out-run "Can-Run" Jasons with purely jogging are Chad Kensington and Vanessa Jones. This makes "Can Run" Jasons very dangerous, and very difficult to out-run for slower Counselors.

Some counselors who favor stealth instead of speed will want to walk/jog in order to not attract Jason's attention. In these cases, speed would be considered a secondary stat compared to others depending on your style of play. Still, being able to move fast is a useful trait when you need to reach a destination ASAP, or escape Jason's clutches, so it shouldn't be ignored.

If a counselor has exhausted their total stamina, their speed will be penalized while moving. All Jasons can catch an exhuasted counselor, something very noticeable for the Jasons who can run.


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