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Stamina is one of the Character Statistics in Friday the 13th: The Game.


Stamina is a resource all counselors use in order to accomplish many different actions:

  • Jogging
  • Sprinting
  • Combat
  • Swimming

If a counselor exhausts their full stamina, the following occurs:

  • You cannot perform any combat actions.
  • Your speed decreases heavily while moving on ground as well as swimming in water.
  • More noise will be generated than normal as you continue to move.

Your counselor's current amount of stamina is shown as a red bar on the mini-map. Pay close attention to this when you are moving on your own; tired counselors can be caught with greater ease by Jason.

Stamina regeneration occurs at fixed rates, regardless of your stamina stat level, but there are circumstances that can affect how fast your stamina regenerates.

The quickest way to regenerate stamina is occupying a hiding spot covered by an external light source; this is also a good way to hide yourself from Jason after jogging/sprinting for a while out in the open. Another way to recover stamina is standing in a light source, or with your flashlight turned on, whichever is more safe at the time. In general, standing still; using lights; and occupying a hiding spot are all great ways to regenerate stamina.

On the flip side, crouching will slow down your stamina regeneration rate, so only crouch if you wish to avoid making noise while moving. Higher amounts of fear will also slow down your stamina regeneration rate. And you will burn through stamina fast while sprinting; it's oftentimes better to jog when traveling places unless you need the extra boost.

Finally, the higher a counselor's strength level is, the less stamina they use when performing a combat action of any sort.


  • The counselor with the highest stamina is a tie between Vanessa Jones and Tiffany Cox.
  • The counselor with the lowest stamina is Eric "J.R." LaChappa.
  • There are multiple perks that affect stamina. For instance, "Marathon" will increase the total amount of stamina a counselor has while "Restful" increases your stamina regeneration rate when you're not moving.

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