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Stealth is one of the Character Statistics in Friday the 13th: The Game


This stat reduces the amount of noise generated when moving around. Whenever noise is generated it appears to Jason in the form of white pings; only he can see them.

White pings will give Jason an idea of where counselors might be located, but it doesn't give an accurate reading at long distances. Furthermore, the following can affect how much noise a counselor makes:

  • Counselors with Stealth levels of ten (max) will not make noise pings while jogging.
  • Counselors with Stealth levels of at least six can walk without producing noise pings.
  • All counselors will avoid making noise pings while crouch walking unless they move over a stream of water.
  • Swimming in deep water as well as moving over a stream of water will increase the amount of noise pings a counselor makes.
  • Certain objects can generate noise pings (e.g. a lit firecracker that is actively exploding), but it will center on the object in question rather than the counselor themselves.
  • Some Counselors who have exhausted all their stamina will make more noise if they attempt to move.

Stealth doesn't affect your chances to avoid Jason's Sense ability. Furthermore, while Jason's Rage ability is active he doesn't hear noise as well as he does under normal circumstances; this means some counselors with mediocre stealth will be able to jog without alerting Jason at this point in the game, yet his heightened Sense detection radius more than makes up for this weakness. As a result, high stealth can be considered an early game advantage whereas it becomes less useful once Jason's Rage ability is activated. Experienced Jasons will spam their Sense ability when trying to find a counselor; this can negate the usefulness of stealth unless you are far away from Jason in the early-mid portions of the game.

Counselors who are proficient in stealth should consider being in areas where Jason wouldn't investigate often under normal circumstances; the boat as well as two-seater car are good options. And since many counselors with high stealth are also proficient in repairing objectives, it can be worth your time fixing these objectives rather than the heavily contested four-seater car as well as the phone fuse. This will also force Jason's hand, making it difficult for him to keep an eye on all the objectives without worrying another one is being fixed while his Morph ability is on cooldown.


  • The counselors with the highest stealth is a tie between A.J. Mason as well as Tiffany Cox.
  • The counselor with the lowest stealth is Vanessa Jones.
  • Sprinting without creating noise is possible for A.J. Mason if she is equipped with the "Light Foot" perk. She will need at least 11%+ in order to accomplish this (rare-epic variants).
    • This also works for Tiffany as well, but to a lesser degree. Jason can still see her noise pings if she sprints while in the vicinity where she would hear Jason's theme music.
  • Tommy Jarvis will only make noise if he moves through water, or tries to move while exhausted.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Deborah Kim (nine stealth) still makes noise pings while jogging, and she needs quite a bit of distance from Jason before he can't see them anymore

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