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Thomas "Tommy" Jarvis
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Thomas "Tommy" Jarvis is a bonus character in Friday the 13th: The Game. Although he plays exactly like a counselor, he isn't considered one within the game.


History (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter - Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives)[]

Tommy Jarvis is one of the Friday the 13th series' most frequently recurring characters. He appeared in three films total, and was portrayed by three different actors.

He made his first appearance in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter as a young boy with an affinity for making his own masks as well as make-up effects. When Jason Voorhees brought his bloody massacre to the Jarvis cabin, Tommy was forced to protect both his older sister, Trish Jarvis, as well as himself. In an attempt to trick Jason, Tommy shaved his head to make himself appear as Jason when he was young after reading in a newspaper article about how a woman named Ginny managed to deceive Jason days ago. The ploy worked; Jason was mesmerized by Tommy's appearance due to looking like Jason as a young child (minus the physical deformities).

While the mass murderer was distracted, Trish attempted to hack Jason's head with a machete, but she knocked off his mask instead. When he attempted to murder Trish in retaliation, Tommy picked up the machete that Trish dropped during the fight, and slammed it into the side of the perpetrator's head; he fell to the ground apparently dead, having the machete to split his head further upon falling on impact. While embracing Trish, Tommy noticed Jason's fingers slowly moving, and proceeded to go into a maniacal state by repeatedly hacking Jason up with the machete while screaming hysterically, ignoring Trish's desperate protests for him to stop. The film ended with Tommy visiting Trish at a hospital an unspecified time after killing Jason, being hugged by her while staring blank-faced.

In Friday the 13th: A New Beginning he resumed his role as the male protagonist, and is seen being transferred to another mental institution. Events lead to Jason somehow reappearing, murdering once more, until he is finally killed. It's revealed that it wasn't Jason himself, but an impostor named Roy Burns who was the father of a mental institution patient that was murdered by another patient; this triggered the father into a psychotic mental state. He assumed Jason's identity while beginning a mass murder spree of his own, presumably tracking down his son's killer in order to murder him for revenge. In the end, Tommy is shown wearing a hockey mask, raising a knife while attempting to murder his psychiatrist Pam, apparently suffering a mental breakdown of his own.

Tommy Jarvis's last film appearance was in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. The novelization revealed that Pam from Part V had survived Tommy's attack, and managed to calm him down once more, preventing him from turning into a crazed murderer. In the film, a few years after the events of Part V, a far more stable Tommy drives off to the cemetery with his friend Allen Hawes to cremate Jason's body in order for his constant hallucinations of him to stop. After they dug up his body Tommy exhibited a brief but furious rage, and acquired a nearby metal fence post in order to pierce Jason's corpse multiple times. Just as he walked away to get the fuel can, two lightning bolts struck the post impaled into Jason's corpse; this brought him back to life as a powerful supernatural revenant. Tommy was forced to flee after he failed to light Jason on fire due to a rainstorm, and because Jason murdered Hawes by punching right through his chest.

Later, Tommy fought Jason at Camp Crystal Lake (now officially renamed Forest Green by the authorities of Crystal Lake). He managed to lure Jason towards the middle of Crystal Lake while in a motor boat, then used a chain wrapped around a heavy boulder to drag Jason down into the lake after roping the chain around Jason's neck. Unfortunately, Tommy was also dragged into the lake when Jason grabbed his leg, drowning Tommy in the process. A nearby female counselor (Megan Garris) swam out into the lake hoping to retrieve Tommy's body in order to resuscitate him, but was forced to fight a still conscious Jason when he tried to grab her down as well. Using the motorboat's propeller, Megan finally put Jason down for good by using the activated propeller to shred Jason's head, trapping him down to the bottom of the lake. In the end, Tommy was revived by CPR, and he finally concluded that "Jason was home."

Throughout the series, Tommy Jarvis had fought Jason the most times (plus his copycat impersonator Roy Burns) while never dying, cementing him as Jason's nemesis. Jason himself holds a great deal of animosity towards Tommy; he even abandoned a potential victim (Megan Garris) in order to instead go after Tommy, doing so when hearing his jeering from a boat on Crystal Lake.


When playing the game, a counselor might come across a radio (in a house with a red and white tower) which spawns in random cabins (usually placed on top of desks or dressers). When you walk up to it, and hold down the associated button to press, a random person who either escaped or previously died will be returned into the game as Tommy Jarvis. If everyone is still alive, then the first person to die/escape will be brought back into the game as him. The only exception is if you're playing in a game with a total of four people (including Jason). At this point, two people must be dead and/or escaped successfully for Tommy to appear when called.

Tommy's stats are maxed out; he has almost no weaknesses, other than his fear not dropping very fast to counter the fact he isn't scared easily. It's also noticeable he makes virtually no noise even while sprinting; swimming/moving through water is the only way to make noise while playing as him. Although in previous patches he would only come pre-equipped with a shotgun; map; and walkie-talkie, the patch released on October 25, 2017 now also starts him off with a medspray as well as a pocket knife. As a bonus, he also gets any perks the player had equipped for their counselor, albeit some of them will be redundant due to his stats (e.g. Light Foot, due to the fact he already makes no noise while sprinting).

Players who died (or escaped) normally have time to spectate what other players are doing, giving you oversight on what you should do first as Tommy upon re-entering the match. You might be able to learn from someone who died if they dropped something valuable on their corpse, such as a med spray. Since the game might've progressed a considerable amount of time many of the cabins could be heavily looted, so it's in your best interests to equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible while there's a chance you could re-enter the match as Tommy.

As of the patch released on October 25, 2017, it's now possible to see objective parts that have been dropped by players on the full map; this made it easier for Tommy to track down the parts needed to make repairs if they have already been found. In addition, he also rewards the player with extra XP at the end of the match for protecting counselors; you must be near them when they escape, or when you perform actions that protect them from Jason.

Jason, on the flip side, will want Tommy dead for three main reasons: He's a tough character to deal with in the hands of experienced players, he's possibly equipped with information from other players to acquire something useful for the team, and he's the only one who can kill Jason if certain criteria are met.

Using Tommy Jarvis as a "second life" in the game is frowned upon by the community; instead, you should be enacting the role of a hero. Try to save as many counselors as you can, or even coordinate with the remaining counselors to kill Jason if the opportunity arises. Whichever of these scenarios you wish to pursue should be based on the circumstances upon arriving into the game.

In Offline Mode, the Tommy bot can be considered a "boss" of the match if he is called. Despite his purpose, he behaves like the other AI in the sense that he will try to escape. The biggest issue from Tommy bot is his max Stealth and Stamina which makes him hard to locate with practically any Jason (if he is not in a house) and hard to chase down respectively.

Saving the Counselors[]

Sometimes the requirements needed to kill Jason just aren't in your favor. For instance, all the female counselors in your coordinated group are dead, and therefore no one can use Pamela's sweater to distract Jason. Or you might not be working with a coordinated team at all, meaning it's difficult to set the kill up to begin with. In this case, saving counselors should be your priority.

Using the information you acquired in the dead/escaped player lobby, decide on whether you should be fixing objectives or distracting Jason long enough for other counselors to make the repairs. One example is taking control of a fixed car to draw Jason's attention, allowing a pair of counselors who were fixing a boat to speed away in secrecy while Jason continues to hunt you down. Alternatively, you can directly face Jason while other counselors make the repairs they need to escape, should a counselor who is skilled in repairing objectives still be alive.

Whatever the case, buy all remaining counselors the time they desperately need in order to escape. If you're lucky, you might even be able to escape alongside the last remaining counselors, or at least survive the full twenty minutes if you exhaust all options to escape via repaired objectives.

Killing Jason[]

In the event a coordinated group you're working with decides to kill Jason, you should be looking to recruit counselors instead of helping them escape. The more counselors you have pitching in, the easier it'll be to take down Jason. Tommy is armed with a shotgun starting off; this can inflict a huge amount of damage on Jason in order to unmask him. Try to stay alive while getting your hands on either a machete or axe since you will need one of these weapons in order to finish Jason off. Having other counselors around you means more people who can arm themselves with stun weapons; this is especially helpful because the two weapons Tommy can use to kill Jason are both weak at stunning him.

Follow the guide for killing Jason in order to complete this scenario. In the event something goes wrong, and this scenario becomes impossible to fulfill as a result, switch back to your first option in order to do some damage control.


Tommy Jarvis is based entirely on his appearance in the movie Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. He wears a blue sherpa denim jacket on top of a blue polo shirt, complete with brown boots, blue denim jeans, and is armed with a single barrel break-action shotgun. How he came across this firearm is unknown.


  • In the game, Tommy is voiced by Thomas "Thom" Mathews, the same actor who portrayed Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986). In the Tommy Tapes however, he is voiced by Chris Niosi.
  • When he kills Jason in-game, the animation is similar to how he killed Jason in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984).
  • Although Tommy will spawn in random places, one of his intro cutscenes showcases him entering the area through a graveyard. This is a reference to Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. In that film, Tommy was shown in a graveyard during the beginning parts of the movie digging Jason's grave up in order to cremate his body, therefore ensuring Jason would never be able to rise again.
    • Prior to the 1.09 patch, this was the only intro of Tommy seen in the game when he is spawned in the match.
  • Tommy Jarvis is technically one of the four characters that did not appear in the beta, the others being Adam, Brandon, and Eric.
  • In Tommy's intro cutscene, he is shown with his shotgun's stock on his left shoulder with the trigger towards the ground, yet when in-game the shotgun's stock is on the right shoulder with the trigger towards the sky, essentially rotating it 90º clockwise.
  • As of the patch released on October 25, 2017, new rare collectible items called "Tommy Tapes" can be found in drawers. They are similar to the "Pamela Tapes" which can be also be found in drawers.
  • As of October 25th, 2017, Tommy Jarvis now spawns with a pocket knife and medical spray. You will be given 2 medical sprays if you have the medic perk equipped.